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Revive Humanity

 Revive Humanity: This informational hub provides the latest in humanitarian information including active projects, organizations, and information on how to become involved in meaningful ways. It strives to enable individuals, strengthen families and communities by fostering self-reliance and economic development. By creating an arena for collaboration and networking we connect donor to projects and like-minded organizations in a way that increases awareness and effectiveness. In these ways and more we strive to Revive Humanity!

Revive Service ToursRevive Service Tours  Provides travel opportunities to various countries all over the world where participants not only visit the beautiful country sites, but also engage in meaningful service amidst the locals. This perpetuates local efforts to foster education and self-sufficiency at the same time providing impactful experiences for those performing the service. We provide the world’s first and only Service Cruises which are available in certain parts of the world.


VBB Virtual Business Builders: Is a business in a bottle for those desiring to begin a business and includes business partnerships, micro-franchises, and in some cases micro-financing. VBB operates as the business coordination arm of Revive Humanity International by identifying and working with other institutions involved in similar efforts. VBB is dedicated to “Creating Jobs and Wealth around the World.”