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Peru Service Tour with Sydney Poulton

_unnamedSydney, a married mother of two, with a degree in graphic design, is the writer behind the blog, The Daybook. She has a passion for motherhood and watching her children discover the world around them, finding stories in the otherwise mundane, and being outdoors. During her free time, she enjoys squinting at her kindle in a pitch black room while her children (finally) sleep soundly around her.

“I’m so excited to be taking part in such a meaningful and important cause. To be able to connect with and provide support to young mothers at the CEDETEP, and help make much-needed improvements to the buildings and resources at the orphanage, and home for the elderly, ALL WHILE experiencing such a beautiful culture and rich history. Man, I’m so thrilled to share the experience with all of you!” -Sydney

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At a Glance

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  • Tour Dates: August 13th-23rd, 2015
  • Cost: $1,500 + airfare (cost subject to change) (what this price covers)
  • Tour Cities: Huaraz, Lima, Machu Picchu
  • Projects and Activities: orphanage painting and re-roofing, teaching in gradeschools, health clinics, gardening, touring beautiful scenery, and more!
  • Tour Director: Ryan Ogden

About the Tour

Not only is Peru the home of one of the oldest Native American civilizations in the world, it is also home to a vast variety of culture, scenery, and people. In the city of Huaraz where we will be doing our service projects, we will encounter a lot of history and culture.  Not only does Huaraz have some of the most beautiful natural fresh water lakes, but it also has some of the best hiking and mountain biking areas in the world!  We look forward the days of blessing lives, serving people, and teaching to promote stability and prosperity.  Then at the end, of course we will enjoy the great heart of the famous Andes Mountains, which attract people from all over the world. We have started projects that will continue every year and continue to bless the lives of the Peruvian people.

We look forward to the opportunity to serve and improve the lives of the Peruvian people.  We invite you to join us and bring your talents and passion to lend a hand. Your passion for service and unique talents are needed to improve the lives we encounter. Together we can lead the way to improvement by teaching, healing, and increasing the stability in Peru.


Day 1 (Aug 8th)   FLY TO LIMA, PERU

Today we fly to the capital city of Lima and will be greeted by our local host. We will spend our day getting acquainted with the city of Lima and each other as well as resting from our long journey. In the evening we will explore the Lima area and enjoy our first local cuisine (Guinea pig anyone?). We overnight in Lima.

Day 2-3 (Aug 9th—10th)   SERVE & EXPLORE in LIMA – (Bus to Huaraz)

For the first two days of our experience together we will explore and serve in the Lima area. Our first service opportunity will be at the Centro Desarrollo Tecnico Productivo—CEDETEP which is a Center for abused and battered girls. They not only support these young mothers and their babies but help them build a productive life and integrate successfully back into society in a meaningful way. In the evening we will visit the world’s largest ‘Water Park’ which consists of 12 different fountain and water displays including a water show in the park which will be memorable. There will also be an opportunity to join a local congregation for a Church service for those interested. On the evening of the 10th we will board a Cruz Del Sol bus at 10:30pm and travel from Lima north to Huaraz, Peru. (Arrive at 6:30am)

Day 4-9 (Aug 11th—16th)   SERVE & EXPLORE THE HUARAZ AREA

Huaraz, Peru is not only beautiful and picturesque but also a very cute and quaint community as well. This area has a small town feel and charm that will quickly warm your heart. There are two major and fantastic service opportunities in the Huaraz area. The first day we will serve at an Old Folks home that has some very serious needs and very limited funding. They are in need of roof repairs and many other essentials. In the same building they have a ‘soup kitchen’ program for the poor children where they serve them breakfast every school day. The kitchen and serving area is in serious need of repairs, upgrades, sanitation, and support. It will be our opportunity to serve and strengthen these programs. For the last 4 days we will work at the Aldea Infantil “Senor De La Soledad”.  This Orphanage has never had any other outside organization offer to help them or visit and it is obvious. There are 30 children living there from age 0 to 18. They attend school off premises and are organized in family units with ‘mothers’ who take care of them. They receive funding from the Government for their essentials, but lack funds for building maintenance, etc. The buildings are sturdy but all of the roofs are in terrible condition and in many cases are growing mold on their ceilings, especially in the Library. The exterior paint on all of the buildings is peeling and NEEDS to be redone.


On the evening of the 16th we will take the Cruz Del Sur bus back to Lima. For those heading home you will board a plane and begin your journey home, for those opting to go to Machu Pichu will go from Huaraz to Cusco and follow the itinerary below.


Day 10 (Aug 17th) FLY HOME   

Those flying home will fly from Lima to our various homes.




Today will be a full day of travel and gorgeous scenery as we make our way from Lima to Cusco. We will fly from Lima to Cusco and then take a train to Machu Picchu town. The scenery is extremely picturesque and beautiful. We overnight in Machu Pichu Town.

Day 11 (Aug 18th)   MACHU PICCHU  

Today we explore one of the newly voted 7 Wonders of the World and what Peru has become famous for; Machu Picchu! We will get an early start and explore every part of this incredible site. This evening we take the train back to Cusco and overnight.

Day 12 (Aug 19th) FLY HOME   

Those flying home will fly from Cusco to Lima and from there to our homes. Those opting to go on to Lake Titicaca will follow the itinerary below.


Day 12—13 (Aug 19—20th) LAKE TITICACA in PUNO, PERU 

Those opting to visit Lake Titicaca will take a bus from Cusco to Puno where you will have the experience of a lifetime visiting Lake Titicaca and the floating islands and communities. These floating villages date back for thousands of years and are inhabited by indigenous locals whose lifestyle you will marvel at. We overnight in the Puno area.

Day 14 (Aug 21st) FLY HOME!

Fly home from Puno to Lima and from there to our various homes.

Projects and Activities

We will visit our orphanage and spend time playing games, painting, and reading to the orphans. Spreading love and just being with these children who don’t have families is always rewarding. While the orphans are at school we’ll paint and re-roof their badly damaged roof.

The majority of the “Serranos,” or mountain people in Peru, depend on the earth to give them food and nourishment. But there are many parasites and malnourishment that come from unsanitary kitchens and food. We will help the people cultivate the land and teach them proper gardening techniques. Also this includes teaching correct way to clean food, prepare food, and keep a clean/sanitary kitchen to promote health.

Career Development Conference
Through a business seminar, we will help people become business leaders in Peru. The seminar will enable impoverished men and women to start and run businesses. For two days we will intensively train those looking to increase their business portfolio with valuable business curriculum. We will train them in communication, entrepreneurship, sales tactics, and most importantly help them develop their confidence. Each seminar will include exposure to proven business plans that locals will have the opportunity to implement. Service volunteers will help in teaching and facilitating activities that will train locals in the business field.

Tour Beautiful Scenery
Of course while we are in Peru, we will take part in the grand history of the mountains and see some of the most beautiful scenery round about this little town. We will be immersed in the great heritage and history of Peru and the Incas. With the help of local officials, we’ll witness some of the oldest ruins in the world.