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About the Tour

Thailand, the land of smiles. Regardless of its poverty, poor education, or extreme weather conditions, the people of Thailand are always smiling. In a country where family and friends are among its highest priorities we will go to Thailand to encourage just that. We will change lives one by one through sincere service and meaningful projects while making friends and family on the way.

Projects and Activities

Teach English
For many third world countries, the English language is the key to success.  For Thai people the English language is a very complicated language whereas Thai is a structurally simple language. Learning or sparking a strong desire to learn English can shape the lives of individuals and families.

Cooking food for the homeless
There are many homeless people in Bangkok, Thailand. Although there are very few homeless communities there is one adjacent to a train station stop called Hua Lamphong. This is where we will volunteer to provide much needed food and service.

Hygiene demonstrations
At local schools we will teach proper hygiene techniques and procedures including hand washing and brushing of teeth. This ensures children understand early on why and how to correctly maintain hygiene. Many diseases are caused from lack of hygiene stemming largely from the lack of knowledge thereof.

Thailand offers breathtaking scenery including ancient Buddhist temples, crystal clear oceans, and exciting crocodile farms. The beauty of Thailand seems to have neither beginning nor no end but throughout this tour we will see as much as possible between service projects!