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Revive and The 444 Project

New York City, Rome and LA are popular tourist destinations for many in their mid-20s, but as Josie Thompson traveled around the world and stopped at those locations, seeing the sights was not her goal.

Instead, she was out to prove that there’s still good in the world and to show that everyone has a story.

Thompson, 25, has traveled around the world getting to know complete strangers. Her journey became known as “The 444 Project.” Though each encounter with individuals from a large cross section of the population was different, she ended every one by asking the same question:

What brings you JOY?”

It’s a question Thompson has struggled to answer in her own life for the better part of five years. She lives her life with bipolar and has been exposed to  hard times and a lot of darkness.

“I want to be the girl that brings light to others through my own darkness,” Thompson said. “I want to help people. … Hard things happen and you might have them for the rest of your life, but that doesn’t mean you can’t live a life and that you can’t somehow adapt to those situations.”

Through her learning and doing, Thompson hopes to help others recognize JOY so their burdens might be eased. She is now a motivational speaker, she is in the process of writing a book, and continues the 444 project. In her busy life she has opened a new chapter with REVIVE. Thompson is apart of Revive’s Humanitarian Involvement Program“. She will travel to the Philippines with her followers, friends, and family to ask Filipinos the question:

WHAT brings you JOY?

This special tour volunteers will get to work with Josie and The 444 Project but also work hard in our ongoing Philippines humanitarian projects. Join Revive and 444 as they help others recognize JOY and lead the way to improvement by teaching, healing, and increasing the stability of the Philippines.