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At a Glance

  • Tour Dates: March 23- April 1st 2018
  • Cost: 1,750 + airfare (what this price covers)(cost subject to change)
  • Tour Cities: Arusha, Karatu, Ngorongoro Creater National Park, Lake Manyara,
  • Service Projects: orphanage visits, building projects, medical screenings, hygiene classes, and more!
  • Arrive and Depart from Kilimanjaro International Airport (JRO)
  • Tour Director: Ryan Ogden
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About the Tour

Sub-Saharan Africa is unlike anything that you’ve ever experienced! Throughout the continent, there is a palatable sense of growing optimism and you can sense the enormous potential that is only now beginning to be realized.  The beauty of the landscape, the people, and the wildlife that you have seen in magazines such as National Geographic and in movies like Out of Africa, is no match for its reality.  One of the best examples of Africa’s potential is Tanzania.  It is a beautiful and deeply exotic country that lies adjacent to the Indian Ocean in eastern Africa, and its vibrant cultures and abundant wildlife are world-renown. Consequently, if you are looking for the adventure and service opportunity of a lifetime, then the Tanzanian Revive Humanity tour is for you!

In this tour, you will have the opportunity to build a unique children’s village that has been developed to teach orphaned and abandoned children life skills in a family-type environment.  Your time and effort will play an integral role in constructing this village that teaches the children self-sufficiency.  By providing them with a safe and nurturing environment, the recipients of your service benefit in the short-term.  However, your efforts will also positively impact them for their rest of their lives by helping these children reach their potential and becoming independent adults.

After getting to know the children of the Falco’s Children’s Home, you will learn about some of the unique cultures of Tanzania, including the Masai, Dagota, and the Hazabe, by visiting their villages. Additionally, you will intimately experience the land and magnificent wildlife by going on a safari in Ngorongoro Creater National Park, and Lake Manyara (Safari is not included in the Price).  Trained guides will ensure your experience is safe and enjoyable. More than 25% of the country is designated as protected forest, national parks, and game reserves, and so this will truly be the experience of a lifetime!

TANZANIA VISA is not included in the price and you will pay for your VISA upon arrival with a new $100

SAFARI is not included in the price of the tour.