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  • Tour Dates: Dec. 23- Jan. 3rd ; May 29- June 7th 2018
  • Cost: $1,750 + airfare  (what this price covers)
  • Tour Destinations: Cebu, and Bahol Islands
  • Service Projects:  Typhoon Relief, Building Schools, Medical Screenings, Hygiene Classes, Educational Assemblies, and more!
  • Age of volunteers: 15 years and older (under 15 must be accompanied with adult)

To Do Before the Tour

About the Tour

There are 7,107 reasons why someone should visit the 7,107 islands of the Philippines! One of the biggest reasons would be the amazing people. There are around 100 million people squished together in this developing country and almost all of them have hearts of gold.  There are various factors that explain the lack of progress in poverty reduction in the Philippines. We’ve studied those factors long and hard and with our research and our connections in the Philippines we know we can help. We have led many service tours to the Philippines and established a productive yet enjoyable itinerary where volunteers can sincerely help and the Filipino people will truly benefit. Our service tour to the Philippines involves activities that will lead the people to sustainable improvement. We will teach, heal and increase the stability of the country with meaningful and memorable projects.

We hope you will join us in visiting a few of the 7,107 islands and serving the wonderful people of the Philippines. Your passion for service and unique talents are needed to improve the lives we encounter, and together we can lead the way to improvement by teaching, healing, and increasing the stability in the Philippines.

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Projects and Activities

Orphanage Visit
We will visit a local orphanage and deliver fleece blankets. We will also spend time with the children, playing games, painting, and reading. Spreading love and just being with these children who don’t have families is always rewarding.

School Assemblies
We have partnered with a non-profit organization called Synergeia Foundation Philippines that works to produce curriculum and excite students to be more serious about school and eventually graduate from high school. We will hold school assemblies and teach this curriculum to the students.

Medical Screenings
We are excited to team up with the Mabuhay Deseret Foundation, the largest surgical charity in the Philippines. They perform over 3,000 free operations per year to correct medical conditions such as cataracts, crossed eyes, cleft lip and palette, burn contractions, and club feet for the poor. We will help them with their activities and we will visit rural outlying areas to screen for potential patients who have conditions that will qualify them for free surgery. We will also visit their hospice house in Manila and paint, play with the children, and construct benches, rooms and beds!

Building Desks
When trying to help the education system, we turned to local teachers and asked for their greatest needs. In many underdeveloped areas the schools do not have desks for the students and many sit on the ground. With the help of the locals we will buy and assemble school desks that will literally lift the children up.

Hygiene Clinic
At a government-sponsored community event we will teach locals proper procedures for washing hands, and brushing teeth. This project creates an opportunity to interact with locals as we try to improve their health.

Visit Indigenous Villages
We will work with a group of people that will give us a glimpse of history and culture. They are the Mangyans of Mindoro, the indigenous people of the Philippines. We will visit their villages to run health clinics, build desks, and facilitate education summits. This is always a unique opportunity to help these beautiful, traditional people.

Touring & Recreation 
It would be unfortunate to travel all the way to Asia without a little recreation. Throughout the tour we will try our best at Filipino karaoke, play night games with local children, and swim, a lot! Our last full day in the Philippines we will do some recreation in the beautiful Puerto Galera. This area is known for its beautiful snorkeling, parasailing, hiking, and boating.