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At a Glance

  • Tour Dates:November 18th – 26th 2017
  • Cost:$1,350 + airfare (cost subject to change) (what this price covers)
  • Tour Cities:Orizaba Veracruz Mexico
  • Projects and Activities:education projects, building project, river rafting, and more!
  • Tour DirectorTyler Clark, Ryan Ogden
  • Age of volunteers: 15 years and older (under 15 must be accompanied with adult)
  • Arrival Airport: Mexico City (MEX)

To Do Before the Tour

Projects and Activities

Constructing a Community Library

We will be working along side the local community to construct their first community library. We will be laying brick, putting up the roof, setting up the desks, and filling the shelves with books.

Community Outreach

Volunteers will have the chance to work and play with local children trying to instill a love of reading and inspiring them. We will also have workshops with the parents as we talk about the importance of reading to their children every night. (translators will be provided)

Touring & Recreation

It would be a shame to visit one of the most beautiful areas of Mexico without a little recreation. Throughout the trip, you will have the opportunity to play with the children, try out your mambo dance moves, and experience the vibrant culture of Mexico. On the second to last day you will have the option to raft down Rio Pescado an eco-tourism area that flows through green canyon walls and jungles filled with exotic birds, or walk through the eco tourism area looking for exotic birds, or visiting the colorful markets of Coscomatepec. On the last day, we will visit Cantona an archaeological site, where we will explore the pyramid temples, ball courts, and altars of this ancient metropolis.