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  • Tour Dates: March 27th- April 3rd
  • Cost: $2,000 (Including airfare) (cost subject to change)
  • Tour Cities: Guatemala City, San Marcos, Panajachel, Antigua
  • Projects and Activities: home rebuilding, career development conference, mobile health clinics, and more!
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About the Tour

The main objective of the Guatemala service tour is to build a Learning Resource Center (Centro de Aprendizaje Comunitario) in Escuintla near the Pacific coast of Guatemala. We will also help local citizens improve their job skills through workshops on personal development and microenterprise management, help to clean a hiking trail at a volcano national park, and work with local student nutritionists to implement a nutrition program and distribute hygiene kits in a needy community.

We certainly hope you can join us for a fun filled and memorable tour serving the wonderful people of Guatemala. Your passion for service and unique talents are needed to improve the lives of those who receive our help. Together we can make a lasting difference that will be forever appreciated by all involved in these worthy projects and activities, volunteers and recipients alike. Thank you for your desire to help.

A young Guatemalan boy Projects and Activities

Guatemala faces many of the socioeconomic problems of developing countries and is one of the poorest countries in Latin America. It suffers from the effects of high illiteracy, malnutrition, corruption, and wide disparity of income and opportunities. Also, because of its location atop three converging tectonic plates (Caribbean, North American, and Cocos) between the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean, Guatemala experiences frequent earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and hurricanes causing and mud slides during heavy rains. These natural disasters can devastate cities or displace communities located in dangerous areas further increasing the poverty of the country.

A small Learning Resource Center under construction

Revive Service Tours has partnered with Fundacion Brazos Abiertos in Guatemala to sponsor and direct several service tours annually to help build 6 x 10 meter Learning Resource Centers (Centros de Aprendizaje Comunitario) in Guatemala. These tours are open to volunteers of all ages and backgrounds with a desire to help provide permanent learning centers in small communities that lack such a service. Half of the cost of the service tour will go directly toward purchasing necessary building construction materials. We will spend a week working alongside families in the community who are beneficiaries of our service. The goodwill and camaraderie of this combined effort will cross language and cultural barriers and create friendships and memories that will last a lifetime.

Our service tour to Guatemala will also include other important activities such as a career development conference in Guatemala City and a microenterprise workshop in Escuintla for motivated individuals who wish to find measurable, sustainable improvement in their lives and greater opportunities for their families. We will teach, coach and encourage them in practical skills and simple, yet meaningful, microenterprise projects to increase their chances of personal success and development.

Revive will also help local student nutritionists implement a nutrition program and distribute hygiene kits in a needy community.

At the end of our eventful service voluntour, we will spend a day sightseeing in Antigua, the old colonial capital of Guatemala nestled in the Valley of Panchoy at the base of Agua Volcano. Volunteers will explore the restored churches and convents with their museums of artifacts of the golden era of the Spanish colonization. They will walk the city’s cobble stone streets and browse the myriad shops and restaurants in this picturesque capital. We will overnight in a colonial style hotel in town before transferring to the international airport the next day.

For those without time constraints who can prolong their trip, we offer other day tour options including visiting Tikal, a classic period Mayan city in the lowlands jungle of Peten, the northern area of the country.service in Guatemala


Day 1 Fri. 8th
pm    arrival Guatemala City airport, transfer to hotel, check-in, dinner, overnight,

Day 2 Sat. 9th
am     breakfast, host Career Development Conference,

pm     host Conference, return to hotel, dinner, overnight,

Day 3 Sun. 10th
am    attend church services, check out hotel, transfer to Escuintla,
pm    meet families, accommodate housing, introduction meeting with community and leaders, dinner, overnight,

Day 4 Mon 11th – Day 8 Fri. 15th
am    breakfast, construct Learning Resource Center (Centro de Aprendizaje Comunitario),
pm    dinner, microbusiness workshops (optional), arrival of new volunteers, overnight,

Day 9 Sat. 16th
am    breakfast, transfer to Santa Maria de Jesus, meet new volunteers, clean Agua Volcano park trail,
pm    transfer to Antigua, check-in hotel, dinner, overnight,

Day 10 Sun 17th
am   early transfer to airport returning volunteers, free time,

pm   transfer to Escuintla, meet new hosts, dinner, overnight,

Day 11 Mon 18th – Day 15 Fri. 22nd
am    breakfast, construct Learning Resource Center (Centro de Aprendizaje Comunitario),
pm    dinner, microbusiness workshops (optional), overnight,

Day 16 Sat. 23rd

am   breakfast, transfer to San Vicente Pacaya, distribute hygiene kits, climb active volcano,

pm   transfer to Guatemala City, hotel check-in, overnight,

Day 17 Sun 24th

am    breakfast, check-out hotel, transfer to international airport, buen viaje!