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At a Glance

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  • Tour Dates: June 20-30th
  • Cost: $1,750 + airfare (cost subject to change) (what this price covers)
  • Tour Cities: Nadi, Vanua Levu Island, and Suva
  • Projects and Activities: education projects, building project, snorkeling, and more!
  • Tour Director: Ryan Ogden
  • Age of volunteers: 15 years and older (under 15 must be accompanied with adult)

To Do Before the Tour

About the Tour

Fiji is known for it’s pristine beaches, mind blowing islands, and glowing sunsets. So what makes Fiji different from any other tourist destination? The culture, the atmosphere, and most importantly, the people.  These islands are home to world renown resorts and to native Fijian villagers who live almost entirely off the land. Due to their isolation, the islanders find it difficult to get basic supplies for schools, hospitals, and homes. That’s where we come in! On this tour, we get to enjoy world class snorkeling, hiking, volcanoes, and waterfalls, and we’ll get to work right along with the nicest people around.

Lucky for us, Fijian’s speak English, so communication is a breeze and laughter and generosity abound. One of the best things about Fijians is their gratitude. All the help we give them will be so very appreciated and will really make a big difference in their daily lives. Our help is especially needed on the Vanua Levu Island due to the relative isolation and difficulty in reaching the mainland. It’s fantastic that because of their simple lifestyles, the islands remain clean, pollution free, and safe!

We’re very excited that our group will have the opportunity to bond with each other and with all of the islanders. We know you’ll love the trip! How amazing that wee are giving students the materials they need to succeed, learn, and truly enjoy their educations. Come on out to Fiji and enjoy a wonderful climate, share your educational experiences with students, and take this amazing chance to bring families closer together!

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Projects and Activities

We’ll be working on projects that will help education! The primary school in the village is in need of a lot of help. Painting, building, remodeling and teaching are just some of the daily projects we’ll be working on at the school. For the community event, we will teach locals proper procedures for washing hands and brushing teeth. This project gives us the opportunity to interact with locals as we try to improve their health. Activities including swimming in the ocean and rivers, boating, volleyball, rugby, and a lot of fun Fijian games are plentiful on the beautiful islands of Fiji.