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  • Tour Dates: June 2014, October 2014, December 2014, April 2015, Christmas 2015, June 2016
  • Cost: $1,750+ airfare (cost subject to change)
  • Tour Cities: Cairo, Luxor, Sharm el Sheikh (optional)
  • Projects and Activities: career development conference, eye clinics, school service, visit ancient wonders, and more!
  • Tour Director: Clark Anderson
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About the Tour

Egypt is a unique country that has been in the world spotlight for political reform since the Arab Spring events in 2011. In many ways Egypt has been the leader and pioneers in the Arab Spring movement. Egypt remains in the world headlines as the newly elected government struggles to establish an acceptable constitution that is embraced by its people. With thousands of years of history and remarkable monuments and ruins, this unique part of the world is a must see. (Learn more about Egypt)

This particular Service Tour to Egypt is extraordinary in that we visit 2 of the 7 Wonders of the Ancient World (the Pyramids of Giza and the Colonnade at Karnack). There will also be an option for those interested to participate in world famous snorkeling and deep sea diving in the Red Sea.

Although Egypt possesses rich commodities in the form of ancient ruins, the Red Sea, Nile River, and minerals, it remains laden with poverty and is in need of economic rejuvenation. Some of the most exciting things we will be able to provide the great people in Egypt are job opportunities in the form of a Career Development Conference. We will also sponsor needed healthcare in the form of a free eye clinic in rural communities. Our service opportunities conclude with the sacred experience of providing assistance and aid in the local schools and orphanages. It will be a toss-up as to who is more uplifted and inspired, the locals we serve or us!

We hope you will join us in visiting one of the most fascinating places in the entire world and in serving the wonderful people of Egypt. Your passion for service and unique talents will help improve the lives we encounter, and together we can lead the way to improvement by teaching, healing, and increasing the stability in Egypt.

Service Projects

Career Development Conferences (CDC)
Tour volunteers will help teach and facilitate activities to will train locals in career development principles as we try to create jobs and wealth in Egypt. The seminar will enable impoverished young men and women to identify and begin developing needed skills and attributes that will help them start and run their own businesses. We will intensively train those looking to increase their business portfolio with valuable business curriculum. Each seminar will include exposure to proven business plans that locals will have the opportunity to implement. This is a desperate need in Egypt.

Eye Clinics
Eye care and correction is very expensive and needed throughout Egypt. Together with local schools and churches we will sponsor a free eye clinic in rural communities. Our clinic will include a basic eye exam and provide eyeglasses for those needing basic eye corrections. Our volunteers will be involved in every part of the process. It is rewarding to help and interact with the locals in this way.

Egyptian children are some of the most beautiful and energetic in the world. Their educational needs are vast and varied. We are currently in the process of developing a strategy for being able to provide lasting service to some of the local schools and orphanages in the areas we will be visiting. (More details coming)