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About the Tour

The Eastern States is an area rich in national heritage and history. World famous monuments, memorials, and battlefields are in rich abundance here. Recently this area has been plagued by the national and global recession as well as a devastating super storm. Many in New Jersey and New York are still feeling the effects of these potent events. During this Service Tour we will have the opportunity to visit some of the most famous and inspiring national monuments as well as provide service to those affected by recent events. With our Career Development Conference we will be able to inspire those seeking employment and needing career prospects. For those who attend there will be employment opportunities and skills developed that will help them take control of their financial futures. We will also engage in specific service restoration projects on homes, schools, and churches that are still suffering the effects of the devastating super storm.

Our historical visits will include the battlefields and cemetery at Gettysburg where Abraham Lincoln delivered the famous Gettysburg Address. We will enjoy the historical and cultural wealth of Washington, D.C. with the Smithsonian Museums (Natural History, American History, Air & Space, National Gallery of Art, etc.), Washington Memorial, White House, Capital Building, Arlington Cemetery, Holocaust Museum, and the Lincoln, Vietnam, Korean War, Jefferson, and WWII Memorials. In Philadelphia we will visit the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall (where the Declaration of Independence & Constitution were signed). These sites are inspiring and uplifting and should be part of every American’s travels.

Our tour will conclude with some time in New York City. With so much to see you will have to choose between several options; the Empire State Building, Broadway, Times Square, Central Park, Madison Square Garden, Statue of Liberty Battery Park, Trinity Church, Wall Street, the First US Congress Building, Ground Zero, St. Paul’s Church, etc. The price of the tour includes a Broadway Show (most likely Wicked).

This tour has a fantastic mix of American history and heritage as well as opportunities to help those who are suffering from unemployment, natural disaster, and harsh economic conditions. Every American ought to have the experience of visiting our nation’s national monuments and memorials. You will return a better individual and have a more sure understanding of the sacrifices made in our behalf. Providing service on top of that will only help us live as “one nation under God, indivisible.”

We hope you will join us in visiting one of the most inspiring, interesting, and exciting places on the planet. It is a rare opportunity to blend the enjoyment of visiting some of our national treasures with the opportunity to provide help and service to some of our fellow Americans who have been forced to deal with events out of their control. This experience should provide memories for a lifetime, right here in our front yard.

Service Projects

Career Development Conferences (CDC)
Volunteers will help teach and facilitate activities to train local residents in career development principles as we try to create jobs and wealth for communities where the economic downturn has had some of its most far reaching effects. The seminar will enable men and women to identify and begin developing needed skills and attributes that will help them start and run their own businesses. We will intensively train those looking to increase their business portfolio with valuable business curriculum. Each seminar will include exposure to proven business plans that attendees will have the opportunity to implement.

The effects of Superstorm Sandy are still being felt in the eastern states that we will be visiting. We will have the opportunity to help restore damages done to local churches, schools, and homes. While we will only be able to make a dent in what needs to be done, it will be greatly appreciated by those unable to do it themselves. We are currently in the process of developing a strategy for being able to provide lasting service to some of the local schools and churches in the areas we will be visiting. (More details coming soon.)