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At a Glance

  • Tour Dates: 2015
  • Cost: $1,500 + airfare (price may change) (what the price covers)
  • Tour City: Santo Domingo, Boca Chica, Andres, Puerto Plata (maybe)
  • Service Projects: baseball equipment drive, education summits, health clinics, English classes, career development, and more!
  • Tour Director: Cameron King
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About the Tour

There is more than meets the eye when it comes to this tropical paradise.  Beautiful beaches, shady palm trees and picture-perfect water don’t tell the full story of the Dominican Republic.  There are over nine million people living on this tiny island and many live in very difficult conditions.  You would never know by their happy smiling faces but many live day to day not knowing how they are going to take care of their families.   It is our hope to provide lasting and meaningful service to these extraordinary people.  As volunteers we will build relationships of trust and mutual admiration as we share our time with the Dominican people. Taking advantage of service opportunities, we will bring change to lives of individuals as we help the country progress and improve.

We hope you will join us for this incredible opportunity to serve and fall in love with the Dominican people and their culture.  We look forward to your enthusiasm and passion for serving so together we can change the lives of those we meet.

Projects and Activities

Baseball Equipment Drive
In the Dominican Republic, baseball is more than a national pastime; it is a national obsession.  Many children have nothing and have grown up never having held a baseball glove in their own hands.  They are forced to play with only sticks and bottle caps in the streets.  As part of our tour we will take baseball equipment we collect here in the States and give it to youth of all ages in one of the many provinces of Santo Domingo.  The children will be eager to try out their new gloves and bats and may challenge the volunteers to a game or two.

Community Improvement
Many communities in the Dominican Republic are in need of repair and improvement. Volunteers will have hands-on opportunities to serve these great people through various projects.  We will work with local leaders to identify and meet the needs specific to that community.  We will not only serve them but also serve with them as we strive to improve the living conditions of those in need.

Education Summits
Many school-aged children end their education early in the Dominican Republic.  As a result there are many problems that impact the community and country at large.  In many cases the lack of growth or progress can be attributed to the struggle of keeping kids motivated to finish their education.  We will partner with local schools and help them inspire the children to see the importance of education and the doors it can open.  We will look to the examples of successful businessman and women in the local community to help us teach important principles such as goal setting, hard work, and integrity.  The volunteers will play an important role in conveying this message as they share their own examples.

Health Seminars
Small steps can be taken to dramatically improve the health of those who live in underdeveloped countries.  Practices as simple as washing hands thoroughly or brushing teeth can promote health and help prevent disease.  As volunteers we will hold seminars in various locations to help teach these principles to both the old and the young.  In a fun and educational way we will make a difference in the lives of those we serve.

English Classes
Work is hard to come by in the Dominican Republic.  Many individuals and families are suffering because they simply can’t find a job.  More jobs are available to those who are proficient in speaking English.  As a group of volunteers fluent in English we can take our language and teach it to someone else and literally change their lives.  We can give them the tools and skills necessary to help them become more marketable to future employers. We may only be in the country a few days but if we can ignite the fire and invoke confidence in those we teach, we will leave a lasting impression.

Career Development Conferences (CDC)
Volunteers will help teach and facilitate activities to train locals in career development principles. The seminar will enable impoverished young men and women to identify and begin developing needed skills and attributes that will help them start and run their own businesses. We will intensively train those looking to increase their business portfolio with valuable business curriculum. Each seminar will include exposure to proven business plans that locals will have the opportunity to implement. This is a desperate need in the Dominican Republic.

Eye Clinics
Eye care and correction is very expensive and needed throughout the Dominican Republic. Together with local schools and churches, we will sponsor a free eye clinic in rural communities. Our clinic will include a basic eye exam and eyeglasses for those needing basic eye corrections. Our volunteers will be involved in every part of the process. It is rewarding to help and interact with the locals in this way.

It would be a travesty to spend time on such a beautiful island and not take advantage of a little of what it has to offer.  Surrounded by beautiful coastlines we will never be too far from the water and on our last day will take full advantage of that to have a little fun.  We will also take every opportunity to assimilate ourselves in the culture by enjoying the local music and dancing as well as tasting the best food in the world.  We may never want to come home!