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About the Tour

Argentina is truly a captivating country! Geographically, Argentina is the 8th largest country in the world. Unlike the U.S. which is large going east to west, Argentina is large from north to south. This allows you to find jungles, breathtaking waterfalls, and monkeys in the north; scenic mountains, icebergs, and penguins in the south; and deserts, plains, and timber forests in between!

In addition to the picturesque landscapes, Argentina is extremely culturally rich. The people speak Spanish because the Spanish Explorers arrived first, but they are more Italian in nature, due to the large Italian immigration. Buenos Aires, the capital and home to about 13 million people, is a fascinating melting pot that enriches its visitors with South American, European, and indigenous influences. The best part of this mix is the food! While most Latin American countries are associated with beans and rice, Argentina boasts an amazing variety of foods! These dishes resemble Italian food but they are unique and special in their own Argentine way. Argentina is often associated with their great steaks and beef, although amazing chicken, pork, seafood, salads, pastas, and produce are no stranger to the Argentine kitchen.

Despite all these remarkable strengths of the Argentine culture, there are various factors that explain the lack of progress in poverty reduction and this is where we hope to help. Our service tour to Argentina involves activities that will lead the people to sustainable improvement. We will teach, heal and increase the stability of the country with meaningful and memorable projects.

We hope you will join us in visiting the beautiful city of Buenos Aires and serving the wonderful people of Argentina. Your passion for service and unique talents are needed to improve the lives we encounter, and together we can lead the way to improvement by teaching, healing, and increasing the stability and hope of the Argentine people… and of course, enjoy amazing food!

Projects and Activities

Orphanage Visit
We will be delivering fleece blankets, playing games, painting, and reading to the orphans

Elementary school in Ciudad Evita
We will hold a school assembly to help motivate, encourage, and educate 5th-6th graders on the importance of education. We will also play with the children and reconstruct desks/tables for the school.

Hospital Posadas
This is a very large regional hospital in Buenos Aires. Healthcare is public in Argentina so many people travel long distances to be treated here. However, the overall condition and cleanliness of the facility could use some help. We will be painting, cleaning, and visiting with overwhelmed patients.

Career Development Conference (CDC)
Our CDC will give volunteers the opportunity to help in teaching and facilitating activities that will train locals in career development principles as we try to create jobs and wealth in Argentina. The seminar will enable impoverished young men and women to identify and begin developing needed skills and attributes that will help them start and run their own businesses. We will intensively train people who are looking to increase their business portfolio with valuable business curriculum. Each seminar will include exposure to proven business plans that locals will have the opportunity to implement. This is a desperate need in Argentina.

Eye Clinics
Eye care and correction is very expensive and needed throughout the country. Together with local schools and churches, we will have the opportunity to sponsor a free eye clinic in rural communities. Our clinic will include a basic eye exam and eyeglasses for those needing basic eye corrections. Our volunteers will be involved in every part of the process. It is rewarding to help and interact with the locals in this way.

Through music and the spoken word we will build the faith of the Argentine people.

Disability School
We will attend a day at a school school that teaches and helps students with disabilities. We will each be assigned to a student and work one on one with them as they study and play.

Merlo Child Development Center
This is a group that brings attention to malnutrition and the alimentary needs of children. It sponsors events and activities to combat child starvation and malnourishment. It works with schools, other institutions, and even individual families to help in this cause. We will participate in events with them to help bring attention to poorly nourished children and hold a seminar to help educate parents in proper ways to feed children.

Catan city & park clean up
Catan is one of the poorest parts of the city of Buenos Aires and its parks reflect this poverty. We will paint, re-build, and clean up parts of the city and hold activities to educate people on how to maintain/respect public facilities.

Catan School
We will hold a school assembly to help motivate, encourage and educate 5th-6th graders the importance of education. We will also play with the children and reconstruct desks/tables for the school.

Un Techo para mi Pais
This is an organization much like Habitat for Humanity in the U.S. We will assist in building a house then the organization will ensure a qualified family to live in the house and ensure proper respect is paid to the house. Learn more about Un Techo Para Mis Pais.

On our last day we will take a tour of the culturally rich city of Buenos Aires, watching live Tango, visiting shops, and seeing the many sights of the great city!