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Revive Service Cruises believes the most enlightening way to experience a country and its culture is by visiting the locals in their own environment and interacting and serving them. Service Cruises provide these types of opportunities by serving alongside the locals in meaningful ways. We specialize in providing unique and powerful service opportunities that have a dramatic effect upon both the recipient and the participant. Being able to visit a local orphanage and provide needed service to the children is an edifying experience in comparison to typical cruise ship shore excursions like taking a jeep ride, horseback riding, or zip lining. With our Service Cruises we promise the versatility and time to do both.

Service Activities will be at all of the port cities visited on the cruise ship. It may be that a volunteer does not want to join our service at all of the ports. Every port city will have service activities planned and where applicable may also include a more typical shore-excursion experience, such as visiting a Mayan ruin, etc. Whether or not such an excursion is part of our port visit will depend on the local opportunities and must sees. Participants will also have the latitude of engaging in the traditional cruise shore excursions at any given port rather than our service activities if they so choose. In addition to service activities planned, there is often adequate time to experience both a service activity and another shore excursion once the service activities are completed.

Service Activities often require preparation prior to our port visit. In such cases participants on the cruise ship will be given the opportunity to help our staff in these preparations (for example; assemble hygiene kits, tie blankets, etc.). In this way, those not physically able to attend the activity at the port will still be able to support and serve.

Revive Service Tours and Service Cruises are a part of the Trifecta of Global Influence which diligently strives to build and revitalize communities, strong families, and stimulate economic growth. Our specific interest is to redefine charity by promoting programs and organizations that enable long-term self-reliance and self-sustainability. We make diligent efforts to make our service activities those which contribute to real, long-term solutions for the people and communities we serve.

How it works. Each volunteer or participant will pay the Cruise fee which will go to the Cruise Line and then $500 to cover all the costs associated with the service shore excursions and to become a SERVICE CRUISE HUMANITARIAN! This fee covers all the costs associated in providing each volunteer with an unforgettable service experience in every cruise port in each of the countries. It includes all transportation to and from the service location, service materials, lunch, t-shirt, access to our on board activities, a service journal, etc.

Our mission to Revive Humanity transcends economic status, race, gender, religion, and government affiliation. We maintain that while we may not be able to change the world, we can influence and change individuals one at a time who in turn will change the world. This approach shatters biases, prejudices, racism, elitism, and strives to unite mankind in the common cause of humanity for all. Come join us in various destinations around the world as our Service Cruises provide the perfect blend of serving others and enjoying the very best vacation experience possible. Register today!

After Registering you will be contacted with more information that is specific to your Cruise of choice.