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Service Projects
Our tours offer a variety of opportunities to serve. These projects are based on the needs of the people in the areas where we serve. Below are descriptions of the projects and the tours that offer those projects.

Career Development Conferences (CDC)

A CDC provides opportunities and training for locals in career development as we strive to create jobs and wealth around the world. The seminar enables impoverished young men and women to identify and begin developing needed skills and attributes to help them start and run their own businesses. Each seminar includes exposure to proven business plans and gives locals the opportunity to be employed therein. This is a desperate need in many of the counties we visit.

Eye Clinics

Eye care and correction is very expensive and needed throughout many of the counties we visit. Together with local schools and churches we have the opportunity to sponsor a free eye clinic in rural communities. Our clinic includes a basic eye exam and eyeglasses for those needing simple eye corrections. Our volunteers are involved in every part of the process. It is rewarding to help and interact with the locals in this way.

Orphanage & School Visits

Orphanages are in great abundance in many of the communities we visit and virtually all of them are overcrowded and understaffed. Visiting these orphanages and delivering fleece blankets, playing games, painting, reading to the orphans, spreading love and just being with these children who don’t have families is a life changing experience. In some areas, we will also volunteer in local schools to encourage children to be excited about learning.

School Assemblies & Education Summits

Many school-aged children end their education early in developing countries. As a result, there are many problems that impact the community and country at large. In many cases the lack of growth or progress can be attributed to the struggle of keeping kids motivated to finish their education. We partner with local schools and other non-profit organizations to inspire the children to see the importance of education and the doors it can open. We do this through assemblies, classroom visits, and one-on-one discussions with the students. By looking to the examples of successful businessmen and women in the local community we teach important principles such as goal setting, hard work, and integrity. The volunteers play an important role in conveying this message through their own examples and what they share.

Home Construction

Being in the mountaintops of the Andes is both a blessing and a curse at the same time. The rainfall presents a major challenge to the people here. Many of the homes in this area are in a serious state of disrepair as a result of heavy rains. Our volunteers partner with local officials here to work on a number of these homes.

Patient Screening for Cleft Lip/Palette, Burns, Cross Eyes, and Club Feet

We are excited to be teammates with the largest surgical charity in the Philippines, performing over 3,000 free operations per year to correct medical conditions such as cataracts, crossed eyes, cleft lip and palette, burn contractions, and club feet for the poor. We visit rural outlying areas to screen for potential patients who have conditions that will qualify them for free surgery. We also visit their hospice house in Manila and paint, where we play with the children, and construct benches, rooms and beds.

School Desk Construction

In many underdeveloped areas the schools do not have desks for the students and many sit on the ground. With the help of the locals we buy and assemble school desks that literally lift the children up.

Disability School Visits

Volunteers attend a day of school that teaches and helps students with disabilities. Each volunteer has a student they work with one-on-one as they study and play.

Harvesting Rice

One of the main products Thailand exports is rice. Although considered the “low-class” citizens of Thailand, the rice farmers are among the happiest. While some rice farmers can afford the rental of large harvesting machines, other families are not as fortunate and have to harvest tediously by hand. Here is where we come in. We get our hands (and feet) dirty by giving helping hands to families that need to harvest rice before the season is over.

Hygiene Demonstrations & Health Seminars

Small steps can be taken to dramatically improve the health of those who live in underdeveloped countries. Practices as simple as washing your hands thoroughly or brushing your teeth can promote health and help prevent disease.  Many diseases are caused from lack of proper hygiene which is why education in this area is one of our primary goals.Our volunteers hold seminars in various locations to help teach these principles to both the old and the young.  In a fun and educational way we help make a difference in the lives of those we serve.

English Classes

Work is hard to come by in many developing countries.  Many individuals and families are suffering because they simply cannot find a job. The reality is, more jobs are available to those who are proficient in speaking English.  As a group of volunteers fluent in English, our opportunity is to teach the basics of the English language to those most in need.  In this way, we give locals the tools and skills necessary to help them become more marketable to future employers. We may only be in the country a few days but if we can ignite the fire and invoke confidence in those we teach we will leave a lasting impression.

Construction Projects

Some areas have had structures destroyed by natural disasters. In others, families are too poor or unskilled to build sufficient houses to protect them from the elements. Through various construction projects, we lend our hands and energy to help build or repair homes, schools, and other buildings.

Cooking Food for the Homeless

There are many homeless in Bangkok, Thailand. Although there are very few homeless communities, there is one adjacent to a train station stop called Hua Lamphong. At this station we enjoy interacting with the wonderful Thai people and providing a warm meal.

Hospital Improvement

Health-care is public in Argentina so many people travel long distances to be treated here. However the overall condition and cleanliness of the hopsital facilities could use some help. We will be painting, cleaning, and visiting with overwhelmed patients.


The “Serranos,” or mountain people of Peru, depend on agriculture for work and food. But most of the parasites and malnourishment comes from unsanitary kitchens and food preparation. We have the opportunity to help cultivate the land and teach proper gardening techniques which also includes teaching correct ways to clean food, prepare food, and keep a clean/sanitary kitchen.

Sunday Evening Religious Gatherings

Through music and the spoken word we strive to build the FAITH of those desiring it.  Part of the experience is having volunteers share inspirational music and personal stories of conversion and faith. Available in all Tours that include a Sunday.