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LIT provides 3 different Tour Schedules to choose from which highlight the Greatest Destinations in each particular region. The Western States Tour features; the Grand Canyon, Disneyland, Sea World, Las Vegas, Washington, Idaho, Wyoming, and Utah while The Southern States Tour visits Disney World, New Orleans, and Florida as well as Disneyland, Sea World, Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon. The Eastern States Tour includes the one and only New York City, a Broadway play, Statue of Liberty, Central Park, etc. and also visits Gettysburg, Philadelphia, Boston, Chicago, Niagara Falls and Washington DC. Learning English and visiting these historic sites has never been so meaningful and fun!

LIT Tours includes a lot of EXTRA Activities that are culturally enriching and enjoyable for all ages! The obvious activities are the Language Immersion opportunities in amazing locations such as Disneyland (or Disney World), Universal Studios, Sea World, NYC, the Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls, etc. However, LIT also includes several EXTRA activities that make the experience that much more meaningful and memorable. Activities include such things as attending a Broadway Play in NYC or Las Vegas, riding horseback in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, enjoying a Western BBQ Cookout in Southern Utah, attending a play at Tuachan in Snow Canyon, visiting the beach, or our myriad of other enriching experience. Our goal at LIT is to provide an array of experiences that are culturally rich and also meaningful language and life experiences as well. No one does it quite like LIT!