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L.I.T. offers a complete course of English conversation, designed to address the many needs of foreign language speakers.  By participating in the many activities within the program and through the sites, You will gain much needed experiences and will be expected to communicate to others. The Components of the program

  • Structured Curriculum and conversational activities
  • Reading, Listening, and writing instruction.
  • Group activities to promote conversation
  • Opportunities to present in English – Socially and business
  • Daily activities – See Activities and Venues.
  • Two-week Intensive course

By Immersing yourself into the L.I.T. program you will gain the experience needed to develop more confidence in your English speaking ability. All of the learning will take place in a group setting or one-on-one with the instructors and counselors.  We are committed to helping you feel comfortable and relaxed.  We want you to feel confident in expressing yourself in this unique learning environment.  You will be expected to be participate in a variety of exercises to help in speech, fluency, vocabulary, presentation, and social settings.  You should expect 7-8 hours of instruction daily. English Immersion


Our English Language Immersion Tours (L.I.T.) provide intense instruction and conversation with highly educated and specifically trained instructors all while experiencing some of the greatest attractions of America! The value of our tours will entice you to return again and again. Learning has never been so effective and fun! Participants travel to many exciting attractions in the US on a luxury motor coach, equipped with TV/DVD monitors, restroom facilities, and comfortable seats that recline. Travel time is used for English lessons with our trained instructors, conversation, and for English activities (who is ready for karaoke?). The curriculum will help prepare you to communicate in all facets of life.  Throughout the program you will have numerous opportunities to use English with others. Hotel accommodations are included in the price of the Tour and are designed to be flexible to meet your needs. Do you want to save money and room with 1 to 3 of your family members or friends? Or perhaps you need a good nights’ rest each night and would rather pay a little more for privacy. You choose! Most of our hotels offer the convenience of breakfast so that we can depart to our exciting destinations in a timely manner. Each LIT Tour visits various attractions of the United States creating lasting memories! Attraction fees are also included in the tour price as are 2 meals daily (generally breakfast and dinners—except for the days we are at amusement parks). All activities listed in the Itinerary is covered in the price of your Tour except personal spending money for souvenirs and lunches.   (Dinners at the amusement parks will be on your own because we wouldn’t want you to miss seeing Mickey Mouse or riding a roller coaster in order to meet up with the entire group). The L.I.T. English course is unique in its ability to specifically address the particular areas and topics in which you want to become fluent. Our instructors customize your English program based on your language level, business, or personal needs, and your individual interests. It is important to us that you feel comfortable, not intimidated, and free to express yourself in a supportive and fun learning environment. The most effective and fastest way of learning the English language is by full immersion! LIT Tours are perfect for anyone in junior high or older. Business groups can form a private tour with a minimum qualifying number of participants.  You may sign up with your family, friends, business associates, or come alone and make new friends. This isn’t the ideal tour for little children as they may not tolerate our busy schedule well and do not have the same language goals as the more mature students do.