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L.I.T. English Learning

L.I.T. offers a complete course of English conversation, designed to address the many needs of foreign language speakers.  By participating in the many activities within the program and through the sites, you will gain much needed experiences and will be expected to communicate to others.

The Components of the program

  • Structured Curriculum and conversational activities
  • Reading, Listening, and writing instruction.
  • Group activities to promote conversation
  • Opportunities to present in English – Socially and business
  • Daily activities – See Activities and Venues.
  • Two-week Intensive course

By Immersing yourself into the L.I.T. program you will gain the experience needed to develop more confidence in your English speaking ability.

All of the learning will take place in a group setting or one-on-one with the instructors and counselors.  We are committed to helping you feel comfortable and relaxed.  We want you to feel confident in expressing yourself in this unique learning environment.  You will be expected to be participate in a variety of exercises to help in speech, fluency, vocabulary, presentation, and social settings.  You should expect 7-8 hours of instruction daily.

Activities will include some of the following:

  • Hiking in Yellowstone
  • Hiking in Grand Canyon
  • Broadway Play
  • Western Roundup
  • Las Vegas
  • Sea World
  • Disneyland

Sample Basic Schedule

7:00 AM – Breakfast. Meet with group for conversation during breakfast

7:30 AM – Conversation class with group; Preview day and tasks to accomplish

8:30 AM – Board bus for travel to next location

8:30-12:30 – During ride there will be a number of activities such as

–          Daily telephone

–          Cultural language activities

–          Structured conversations

–          Games

–          Videos

12:30 AM – Lunch. Multiple groups meet – structured conversation games

1:00 PM – Lunch. Conversation continues during lunch

1:30 PM – Activity at venue – Hiking, talking with rangers, excursion language games

4:30 PM – Meet with group – discuss days activities – language skills games

6:00 PM – Dinner. Multi group structured conversations.

7:00 PM – Evening activities – Listening and comprehension activities, followed by discussion

8:30 PM – Free Time and Group Activities.