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Language Immersion Tours

Language Immersion Tours (LIT) is our way of blending enriching travel experiences with language immersion. LIT is an exciting venue for practicing grammar and language in an interactive, real-life situation all while visiting some of the most beautiful sites in the world. LIT blends world travel with a language immersion element that is both educational and enjoyable.

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Language Immersion Destinations

Southern States

DATE                                       TOUR                     START             FINISH

Aug.  6- 21st, 2016       Western United States         Seattle, WA       Los Angels, CA      (Sign Up/ Learn More)

Feb. 25-March 12, 2017     Southern United States     Los Angels, CA      Orlando, FL      (Sign Up/ Learn More)

Aug. 5-20th, 2017         Eastern United States         Baltimore, MD         Cleveland, OH   (Sign Up/ Learn More)