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REVIVE HUMANITY is an international, non-profit, non-government, non-denominational, humanitarian organization dedicated to the pursuit of providing long-term solutions and sustainability to individuals and communities. Revive Service Tours is the Service arm and Volunteer hub of Revive Humanity.

REVIVE strives diligently to build revitalized communities, strong families, and stimulate economic growth. Our specific interest centers on redefining charity by promoting programs and organizations that enable long-term self-reliance and self-sustainability. We are unique in that we focus on long-term solutions

Reviving Humanity begins by enabling and awakening within individuals one at a time their sense of dignity, humanity, self-respect, and opportunities for greatness. Within Revive there exists opportunities for all walks of life and every economic circumstance to become involved.  We have found that as individuals act on the changes that form within them that will lead to the appropriate changes in their environment and consequently in the world. This all contributes to our global citizenship and overall Humanity!

Our mission to Revive Humanity transcends economic status, race, gender, religion, and government affiliation. We maintain that while we may not be able to change the entire World, we can influence and change individuals one at a time who in turn will change the World. This approach shatters biases, prejudices, racism, elitism, and strives to unite mankind in the common cause of Humanity for all. Whether it is through donation, service participation, collaboration, or referral, we invite you to join hands with us and become involved in our efforts to Revive Humanity!