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Up Coming Events and Types of Tours

Showcases:  We are hosting Showcases throughout the country to display our global humanitarian work. Here is a list of our upcoming Showcases:

February 22nd: Rexburg, Idaho @ the Public Library from 12:30pm–2:30pm

March 4th: Salt Lake City, Utah @ ARGENTA from 7pm to 9pm

March 25th: Gilbert, Arizona (more details coming)

April 17th: Logan, Utah (more details coming)

Revive Service Tours provides innovative Service Tours to various locations throughout the world. An outreach of what we do is Service Cruises, Language Immersion Tours (LIT), and Specialty tours 

Language Immersion Tours (LIT) is a way of blending enriching travel experiences with Language Immersion. LIT is an exciting venue for practicing grammar and language in an interactive, real-life situation all while visiting some of the most beautiful sites in the world. LIT blends world travel with a language immersion element that is both educational and enjoyable.

Revive Service Cruises  We believe the most enlightening way to experience a country and its culture is by visiting the locals in their own environment. Service Cruises provide these types of opportunities by serving alongside the locals in meaningful ways. We specialize in providing unique and powerful service opportunities that have a dramatic effect upon both the recipient and the participant. Being able to visit a local orphanage and provide needed service to the children is a novel experience in comparison to typical cruise ship shore excursions like taking a jeep ride, swimming with dolphins, or flying down a zip line. Service Cruises promise versatility and time to do both. Our specific interest is to redefine charity by promoting programs and organizations that enable long-term self-reliance and self-sustainability. We make diligent efforts to make our service activities those which contribute to real, long-term solutions for the people and communities we serve. Service Cruises provide the perfect blend of serving others and enjoying the very best vacation experience possible.

Specialty Tours create a travel experience that goes above and beyond the standard ‘Service Tour’. Either it involves visiting out of the ordinary historical sites and consequently more sight-seeing days than service days, or includes a little extra travel time or expense to get there. We refer to these as “Specialty Tours”

Upcoming Tours in 2014

March 15-20             Service Cruise- Mexico and Belize

March 21-April 1       Tanzania

May 2-11                  Philippines

May 16-25                Thailand

May 30- June 8         Fiji

June 15-20                Egypt

July 12- 20                Hawaii

August 1-10               Peru

October 11-18           Service Cruise- Mexico and Belize

November 1-10         Guatemala