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the three of us

We like to refer to the birth of REVIVE Humanity as the result of a perfect storm. Over forty years of world travel and exposure to various degrees of poverty and human need combined with education, training, connections, and opportunity all led up to the birth and initiative of Revive Humanity, Revive Service Tours and VBB. Dr. Clark Anderson, owner and founder got his first lessons on poverty and global relations as a 9 year old boy while living with his family in Egypt and Israel. Life experience would return him to the Middle East over 20 times including visits to South America, Africa, Europe, and Asia. His professional career includes 20 years as a Religious Educator, 10 years as a youth motivational speaker, 17 years as Owner/CEO of a successful travel company, and most recently the founder of several new companies including Revive Humanity and VBB. Clark has grown to love people from all walks of life and values the strength and power of the human spirit. Dr. Anderson has spent the majority of his life traveling to Israel, Egypt, Jordan and other historical locations. Over the past eighteen years he has organized, planned, hosted, and directed over forty educational tours to various locations around the globe. After years of contemplation and planning he could finally sit no longer and collaborated with Amber Savage, Red Cross Disaster Program Specialist in Wyoming, to start Revive. The ideas for Revive were born in a smoothie shop, the framework built from home laptops, and the humble beginnings and journey rich with personal sacrifice and faith in the belief in the power of ONE!

A cloud burst in this perfect storm was crossing paths in a miraculous way with Revive Service Tours CEO, Ryan Ogden. Ryan grew up in a small farming community where Dr. Anderson was a teacher long ago. In a serendipitous reunion, Clark was put in contact with Ryan’s parents and the groundwork was laid to add Ryan to the team. Ryan fulfilled a two-year service mission to the Philippines where among other things he learned to speak Tagalog fluently. Upon return he felt driven to start a non-profit organization called, the Philippine Improvement Group (PIG). Over the past 5 years he has organized, hosted, and directed nine service tours to the Philippines. He was also involved with youth programs for five years serving as Counselor and Coordinator. Ryan has a natural disposition for kind, servant leadership and is excited to be able to share his group service experience and expertise to other parts of the world. Ryan loves people and is very adept at organizing service groups and leading them through various service activities. He recently spent 4 straight weeks leading three different groups in the Haiyan Typhoon Relief efforts in the Philippines. His service relief experience is a perfect blend with Dr. Anderson’s extensive tour experience and together they deliver an uplifting, safe, powerful, enabling and ennobling Service Tour experience to some fascinating parts of the world.

The bright rainbow to complete the perfect storm was miraculously adding Brooke McLay as a Marketing Executive. Dr. Anderson and Brooke have long been friends and acquaintances and years ago discussed their common desires to participate in meaningful humanitarian work. Shortly after creating Revive Service Tours Dr. Anderson contacted Brooke about the possibility of being able to work together to accomplish their once mentioned dream. Little did he know that Brooke had innovative plans of her own to create humanitarian opportunities for bloggers and businesses to engage in meaningful Service Tours. The only missing ingredient was a trustworthy Service Tour Company. When the two shared plans and visions, it was like an orchestrated brain storming session occurring in 2 different States at the same time in both of their brains. They fit together seamlessly and their combined effort is now poised to provide cutting edge marketing opportunities for businesses, bloggers, and at the same time accomplish meaningful humanitarian service. Brooke is an accomplished Food blogger, life writer, recipe developer, food photographer, and professional cooking show host, who believes in living a technicolor life. Her amazing work can be found online at Cheeky Kitchen. She also works as a full-time freelancer for BettyCrocker, Good Cook, Tablespoon, and Disney’s To say that she is gifted and talented is a tremendous understatement.