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What We Do

Revive Humanity helps develop and fortify individuals for a more meaningful and enriched life by facilitating service projects around the world. We aim to change the lives of both the recipients of the service and the volunteers who provide it.

Revive Humanity brings well over 3 decades of world travel experience! Our tours provide a perfect balance of enjoyable in-country touring with plenty of hands-on, down and dirty, nose to nose, service activities with the locals from that country. It truly is a fantastic way to see the wonders of the world and also experience the rich history and culture of the local people. Serving, giving, making a difference, experiencing various nations, and having fun while doing it is what we are all about.

If you want to travel and discover the beauties of the world while participating in meaningful service with the local communities, then Revive Humanity is a perfect fit for you! Whether you are a student looking to build a robust resume, a family desiring to have an enriching experience, a company wanting to provide your employees with a hands on in-service or ‘giving back’ activity, or a service group or individual wanting a fantastic adventure, we have prepared the perfect edifying venture for you. View our service destinations to see the myriad of countries and experiences we are currently providing our volunteers or learn more about the projects we do and the impact they have.

Who We Are

Revive Service Tours is the primary activity and service arm for Revive Humanity, a non-profit organization that is helping to redefine charity. The goal of Revive Humanity is to help in providing long-term solutions to developing countries. Together we assist in building communities, strong families, and an informed global citizenship by facilitating collaboration between individuals and organizations as well as stimulate well-being and sustainability. While independent from Revive Humanity, Revive Service Tours shares the same leadership and goals.

Our executive team is headed by founder Ryan Ogden who has a robust resume in leadership and service tour experience.  We have learned that those who know best what individuals and communities need are the locals themselves. Our Tour Directors are dedicated individuals who know from personal experience what the communities and individuals need in their respective tour destination. These are individuals who have lived in that country for a substantial amount of time and have a sound understanding of what activities would be most enriching for the locals. Please join us as we venture around the globe and strive to revive humanity!

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Media Kit

Revive Service Tour’s Media Kit is a tool for communicating important points about the company. It has information that is easily accessible in one central location. Learn about Revive Service Tour’s; History, Executive Board Bios, Business Facts, Products and Services, and Links to our media clips. This Media kit helps volunteers, partners, bloggers, and donors.