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What to get the traveler in your family for Christmas?


It can be hard to shop for someone who likes to travel. Where are they going? What are they going to need? We’ve put together some things that have made our travels much easier and will hopefully do the same for the traveler in your family!

When traveling, you never know how clean the water is going to be. A filtered water bottle is an easy fix! The one pictured is a Brita water bottle you can get on Amazon for only $11.99.

Things that are essential, small, and easy to pack are a must! This blanket can fit in a little bag and be taken anywhere. You can easily cuddle up on a plane, bus or wherever your travels take you! This one from Amazon is only $9.99!

When you’re always on the go and traveling, taking time for your phone to charge isn’t realistic. How easy would it be to have a portable charger? We found one on Amazon that was only $15.00!

Often after a long day of traveling or being somewhere unfamiliar, all you want is to brush your teeth, have clean hands, and smell as best as possible! This is where the travel section at Walmart can come in handy. Their little disposable toothbrushes are life savers. You can never go wrong with a pack of wipes or sanitizer to clean your hands with. When you’ve been on a plane for hours, very few things feel better than a wipe to clean your face with. With those 3 simple things you’ll feel like a new person and ready to head out on your adventures!

Hopefully this has made your Christmas shopping easier! Thanks for reading along and Merry Christmas!

Posted in Blog, Travel Tips on December 11, 2017.

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