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Did you know that there are TONS of ways to fundraise and earn money for your travels? We know that having the money to come travel and serve with us is a big part of the picture and we want to help you out! We’ve put some tips and advice together from different sources to help you get some ideas of how to raise the money you need!

The Huffington Post has 10 ways to fundraise for your volunteer travel. A couple of my favorites in the article were number 6 and 8. They talk about using your own talents and skills to help fundraise. Can you cook? Host a dinner party for you friends. Everyone can babysit! Spread the news to your neighborhood that you’re willing to watch their kids. Partnering up with a company that could help you host an event is another great way. Use this link to read about the other 8 ideas!

Another great article gives 40 different ideas to fundraise! Number 4 talks about having a fundraising party! Who doesn’t love a party, especially when it’s for a good cause? Number 7 says to let your locals newspapers, radio and tv stations know about your travel and service plans. Spread the word! Another great idea is to host an event like a 5k. Check out the link below for tons of great ideas!

If you haven’t heard of fundmytravel, go check it out! This idea came about because they know how hard it can be to have necessary funds for traveling. They have 4 simple steps to help you get started! Step 1 you create a campaign telling people about your plans for traveling. Step 2 you start spreading the word and sharing your story. Step 3 you donations are sent to your account from all your hard work. Step 4 the money is yours. Check it out at the link below!


Let us know what ways you like to fundraise!

Posted in Blog, Travel Tips on September 25, 2017.

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